Addressing the housing crisis in Europe

In a recent podcast interview, Carlos Carnicero Urabayen spoke with Hans Dubois, a Senior Research Manager at Eurofound, about the pressing issue of housing affordability in Europe

Spain’s labour market: a story of convergence towards Europe

Spain has long grappled with the challenge of unemployment. In recent decades, the labor market has stood as a testament to the country's economic challenges. Yet, as a recent Future is Blue podcast episode highlights, there is a budding resilience in the Spanish labor force, highlighting evolution from the historical trends of high unemployment, particularly during times of economic uncertainty.

Navigating turbulent geopolitical waters: Europe’s response to Chinese and American economic competition

In a new Future is Blue podcast show hosted by Carlos Carnicero Urabayen, Sander Tordoir, Senior Economist at the Centre for European Reform, delved into the intricate dynamics of the global geopolitical landscape, the rise of economic nationalism and Europe's strategic positioning amidst the assertive manoeuvres of superpowers like the United States and China.

Retos de la digitalización para el sector agroalimentario

En este artículo se identifican las oportunidades que brinda la transformación digital para responder a los grandes retos y desafíos que afrontan cuatro de los principales sectores agroalimentarios españoles: el sector oleícola, el sector vitivinícola, el sector hortofrutícola y el sector lácteo.

Gestión de la innovación en la cadena alimentaria: relevancia de la colaboración

La innovación se ha convertido en decisiva para las empresas agroalimentarias en sus desafíos de sostenibilidad, demanda cambiante e incremento de la competencia.

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