Growth in Spanish labour demand: Evidence from online job postings

Labour demand in Spain appears to have weathered the effects of the pandemic, as evidenced by sustained growth in job postings, despite a more significant initial drop in hiring compared to other countries in 2020. This, together with other trends, appears to support part of the recent acceleration in Spanish wage growth, underpinning a solid forecast for employment and GDP growth in 2024 relative to other advanced economies.

Labour market challenges in Spain

The performance of Spain’s labour market has improved, approaching European standards, supported by a mix of reforms and demographic changes. Jobs are now much more resilient to recessionary pressures; yet, two key weaknesses remain, namely the relatively low chances for re-employment for jobseekers, making unemployment relatively persistent, and difficult school-to-work transitions which contribute to nurturing high youth under-employment.

Global economy: Resilience in the midst of the storm

Although the global economy has demonstrated significant resilience in recent quarters, key risks related to geopolitical tensions, financial stability and policy mismatches remain, clouding the economic outlook for the medium-term. In the transition to the new normal, the hope is that the global economy will outperform currently lackluster previsions.

Crecimiento de la demanda de empleo en España: las ofertas de empleo en Internet

Este artículo explora el aumento significativo del empleo y las vacantes en España desde 2021 hasta 2023, destacando una recuperación robusta tras la pandemia.

¿Cuál el esfuerzo por vivir de alquiler en España? Evolución y diferencias por comunidades autónomas

Este artículo muestra que, en la última década, el coste del alquiler residencial en España ha experimentado un incremento significativo, con un aumento del 27,7% entre 2015 y 2022, superando el crecimiento de los ingresos de los hogares.

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