They basically include those works of an informative nature that are intended to provide the necessary data for a better understanding of the Spanish economy.


Marketing digital y big data


Economía y cultura. Una mirada hacia el futuro


Empresa, economía y sociedad. Homenaje a Vicente Salas Fumás


Envejecimiento y capital social: la importancia de las redes de amigos y la participación social en el bienestar individual

Estudios de la Fundación, 98

Funcas' intense editorial activity is materialized in the edition of different types of documents in the field of economics, finance and sociology: magazines, books, working documents and reports and technical notes. In order to preserve the environment and in order to & nbsp; our investigations and their works have a greater diffusion and impact, from the year 2000, Funcas & nbsp; decided to limit the paper edition by establishing free online access to its publications (except for co-editions and specific collaborations) .

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