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Funcas is a think tank – a center for analysis - dedicated to economic and social research and its dissemination, promoting interaction between the academic sphere and the real economy. It is part of the Social Work of CECA.

Thanks to the encouragement of Professor Enrique Fuentes Quintana and with the aim of analyzing and helping to articulate Spanish economic policy, Funcas has become a benchmark in the field of economic forecasting and policy analysis, which has expanded to include the European Union. Currently, the Foundation is also very active in the field of finance – financial regulation and digitalization, financial markets, … – and in a variety of social issues, to which an ambitious financial education program has recently been added.


Funcas is a private and non-profit institution, created and maintained by CECA for the performance of activities for the benefit of Spanish society. In particular, the objective of the Foundation is the promotion of economic, financial and social studies and research, the celebration of public events, cultural dissemination in its broadest sense and everything that allows for a more precise knowledge of the Spanish economy and society so that useful recommendations for economic and social policy can be made.

Funcas promotes a better informed, fairer and more efficient society, spreading its knowledge and offering alternatives that will benefit society in general.


Funcas aspires to maintain and strengthen Funcas’ position as a leading think tank in Spain dedicated to economic and social research. A center of study with the capacity to influence public policy, business management, and that benefits society in general.

Funcas aims to add-value as a unique and complementary organization for the production of ideas, innovative proposals and useful recommendations, dedicated to the general interest and broadly accessible to the public.

  1. Promoting or directly carrying out all analysis or research that, in general, contributes to the economic and social development of Spain and to knowledge of the economy and society of its autonomous communities.
  2. Disseminating the results of its studies and research by publishing books and periodicals whose content is the result of meeting the objectives indicated in the previous section.
  3. Organizing courses, seminars, conferences and any other complementary events or resources as agreed upon by the Board of Trustees.
  4. Collaborating, directly or indirectly, through aid or by any other means, contests, prizes and, in general, activities that promote culture, art, research in all of its areas, education and any other activities that contribute to improve the development of society.


Think tank dedicated to economic and social research

C/ Caballero de Gracia, 28 | 28013 Madrid, Spain
+34 91 596 57 18 | funcas@funcas.es
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