Financial Sector & Digitalization

Financial Sector & Digitalization

The Financial and Digitization Area monitors the situation of the financial system, with special attention to the banking sector and groups of savings banks, and its digital transformation.

In this area, research of international diffusion in the financial system is carried out, developed by the researchers that form it and also through collaborations of the same with other world-renowned researchers. Among the topics that are most developed are financial and banking regulation and its effects, the competitive structure of the banking sector, the means of payment for business financing and the role of finance in economic growth.

The digital transformation of the Spanish financial system is analyzed through the Observatorio de la Digitalización Financiera (ODF). The objective of this Observatory is to generate, accumulate and disseminate information on the progress of the digital transformation in the Spanish financial system.



Big Data. Aprendizaje estadístico automático e inteligencia artificial

Funcas presenta la serie ‘Big Data. Aprendizaje estadístico automático e inteligencia artificial’, concebida desde el área financiera y digitalización de Funcas como un conjunto de cinco videos cortos destinados a las personas interesadas en conocer los principios y los mecanismos informáticos y estadísticos detrás de la inteligencia artificial (IA).


Income, savings and household wealth in Spain: 21st century transformation

Spanish households and their finances have undergone major structural transformation since the start of the century. These changes should be taken into consideration to ensure proper public policy design.


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