Torres, Raymond

What's coming next for the Spanish economy and its banks?

After a couple of weeks off, we are restarting our activities today. We hope you are making the most of your summer break.
In today's newsletter, we are sharing with you our latest podcast featuring Alice Faibishenko, Senior Advisor at Funcas think tank and a founding partner of the E3 Partnership, a firm focused on market intelligence and advisory services.

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Is the ECB getting it right?

After Christine Lagarde announced a few days ago a substantial increase in interest rates (0,5%) and an anti-fragmentation mechanism - so called TPI - to prevent another debt crisis, we've asked Raymond Torres, Funcas Europe Director, to explain the main drivers behind this important decision. Don't miss our latest podcast.

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Spanish economic forecasts for 2022-2023

Despite a weak start to the year and headwinds from high energy prices and double-digit inflation, Spain's prospects for the next few months remain favourable. However, after the end of the tourism season, the loss of consumers´ purchasing power along with more restrictive financial conditions and geopolitical risks mean growth is expected to slow considerably from the end of 2022.

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