Maudos, Joaquín


Tightening bank financing terms and conditions: Current situation and implications

Increasing interest rates across the eurozone are restricting access to bank loans, while at the same time leaving households and businesses with outstanding credit in a more vulnerable position. Fortunately, in the case of Spain, both businesses and households are in a stronger position to face these challenges given the significant private sector deleveraging effort that has taken place in the wake of the previous financial crisis.

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An analysis of non-performing loans: Spain in the European context

Despite the intensity of the two crises sustained by the Spanish economy in the last three years (the COVID-19 crisis and the energy crisis exacerbated by the war in Ukraine), measures rolled out to mitigate the impact of those events have helped to avert an overall increase in Spanish banks’ non-performing loan ratios, albeit differences across industry sectors are noteworthy. However, given the challenging economic backdrop for 2023, non-performance will likely hit an inflexion point in the coming months, requiring the maintenance of adequate provisioning.

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