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Impact of the TLTRO and negative rates on banking margins

Spanish and European banks’ net interest margins (NIM) are proving highly volatile due to the “volume effect” on credit, as well as the difficulties in layering a negative rates component into funding costs. Going forward, the considerable sensitivity of banks’ NIM could increase in 2022, depending on the level of compliance with TLTRO eligibility benchmarks.

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Banks poised for the ECB’s debut climate risk stress tests

The ECB’s climate stress tests slated for 2022 will differ from traditional stress tests in terms of governance, objective, methodology, scenarios and scope. Nevertheless, the ECB’s deep engagement with this issue suggests a high probability that climate risks will be integrated into conventional stress tests in the future.

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Scant use of capital buffers during the pandemic: Potential stigma effect

In order to alleviate the pressure wrought by COVID-19 on the banking sector, regulators and supervisors permitted banks to utilise capital buffers prescribed under Basel III, including the so-called counter-cyclical buffer and the capital conservation buffer. Econometric analysis shows that the ‘stigma effect’ most likely explains banks’ hesitancy to take advantage of this flexibility.

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