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Regional government debt: Recent trends and outlook

Despite having one of the most advanced fiscal rule frameworks in Europe, Spain remains the OECD country where regional governments’ debt has grown the most since the Great Recession. Even in the context of more difficult financing conditions at present, it will be important to address existing challenges to the extraordinary regional financing mechanisms, while adapting the current fiscal stability framework to the new European rules.

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General Budget and Budgetary Plan for 2023: A comprehensive analysis

An analysis on the 2023 Budget reveals there is little justification for concern over its consistency and sharply expansionary nature, failure to comply with the country-specific recommendation (CSR) or any mismatch between public spending and revenue. Nonetheless, a more accurate assessment of Spain’s public finances for 2023 will ultimately depend on the details and costs of the forthcoming package of additional fiscal measures for that year due to the war in Ukraine.

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