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Europe’s new regime for macroeconomic policy coordination: A first look

In the last days of its rotating presidency, the Spanish government successfully led negotiations in the Council of the European Union to agreement on a new regime for macroeconomic policy coordination. Once agreed by the European Parliament, the new framework will significantly increase national ownership of fiscal consolidation, while at the same time easing the path of adjustment in comparison with the framework it replaces.

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The coming fiscal adjustment in Europe

Whether or not there is a reform of the rules for European macroeconomic policy coordination, policymakers across Europe will need to begin consolidating their fiscal accounts. The high rate of inflation in the wake of the pandemic has eased some of that adjustment burden, but the swift monetary tightening introduced to calm rapid price increases will add to the challenge.

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El inminente ajuste fiscal en Europa

El panorama fiscal europeo experimentó un giro significativo a raíz de la pandemia de COVID-19,
resultando en un aumento pronunciado de la deuda pública. En respuesta, la Comisión Europea invocó
la “cláusula general de salvaguardia” del Pacto de Estabilidad y Crecimiento en marzo de 2020 para
permitir un gasto público adicional.

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