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Industrial policy in the EU and Spain: Recent debates

An examination of industrial policy in the EU and Spain reveals the need to reduce key external dependencies, or interdependencies, as well as arrive at an adequate path that avoids protectionist retaliation to the recently passed US Inflation Reduction Act, while at the same time harnesses the economic potential of the bloc. Going forward, taking into consideration current obstacles and limitations both at the EU and Spanish level, it will be necessary to embrace the appropriate industrial policy measures to ensure the transformation of the Spanish economy, in particular through maximisation of NGEU funds.

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Spain’s trade competitiveness relative to the eurozone

Spanish exports registered nominal growth of 40% between 2012 and 2021, the highest rate among the euro area’s five largest economies. While the Spanish economy is capable
of improving its internal cost competitiveness and transforming those gains into export
growth, Spain’s export intensity remains below its weight as an economy within the universe
of benchmark economies.

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