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Business dynamism in Spain in the wake of recent crises

Since its deregulation 50 years ago, the Spanish banking sector has been shaped by significant structural transformation as a result of the need to adapt to an ever-changing environment, to which it has demonstrated resilience and flexibility. On top of profitability pressures, the management of risks under the growing regulatory push to increase solvency, on the one hand, and technological challenges, on the other, remain the most important issues facing the Spanish banks in the years to come.

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El dinamismo empresarial después de las crisis recientes

Este artículo busca complementar el análisis en el plano macroeconómico con un análisis microeconómico de la demografía empresarial en España. El objetivo es poner el foco en la estructura demográfica empresarial en la que se organiza la actividad económica actual y que puede soportar su crecimiento más inmediato.

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Industrial policy in the EU and Spain: Recent debates

An examination of industrial policy in the EU and Spain reveals the need to reduce key external dependencies, or interdependencies, as well as arrive at an adequate path that avoids protectionist retaliation to the recently passed US Inflation Reduction Act, while at the same time harnesses the economic potential of the bloc. Going forward, taking into consideration current obstacles and limitations both at the EU and Spanish level, it will be necessary to embrace the appropriate industrial policy measures to ensure the transformation of the Spanish economy, in particular through maximisation of NGEU funds.

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