Fernández, María Jesús

Labour market challenges in Spain

The performance of Spain’s labour market has improved, approaching European standards, supported by a mix of reforms and demographic changes. Jobs are now much more resilient to recessionary pressures; yet, two key weaknesses remain, namely the relatively low chances for re-employment for jobseekers, making unemployment relatively persistent, and difficult school-to-work transitions which contribute to nurturing high youth under-employment.

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Outlook for the Spanish economy in 2024-2025: Navigating an uncertain international backdrop

Compared to its European peers, the Spanish economy has weathered the inflationary storm and geopolitical tensions of recent years relatively well, buoyed by its strong competitive positioning. In the near-term, however, a slowdown is anticipated in light of the weak external environment and contractionary turn in macroeconomic policy, with fiscal dynamics remaining a key vulnerability.

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