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Spanish banks and monetary policy in 2022

With the COVID-19 pandemic still threatening economic recovery and inflation running the highest it has this century, monetary authorities in the US and Europe have taken different approaches to normalisation, with US monetary policy likely more hawkish in the shortterm. Within this context, Spanish banks will continue to face acute profitability challenges in 2022, which they will increasingly seek to address through digitalisation and transition to a platform-based model.

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Banca y política monetaria en 2022

El desacople monetario es ya una realidad en 2022. La Reserva Federal ha puesto fecha de finalización a su programa de compra de activos para finales de marzo y ha señalado previsibles subidas de tipos de interés durante el año.

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Cryptoassets: The good, the bad and the advent of CBDCs

The emergence of cryptoassets provides both risks and opportunities for investors, banks and central banks alike. However, determining the ideal design and regulation of these assets, as well as anticipating any potential risks, will be key to minimizing financial system disruption and maximizing the associated benefits.

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