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CoCos and bank resolution: Overcoming March stigma

Given the fact that they are considered loss absorbing instruments in the event of resolution, CoCos have emerged as a very important barometer for measuring confidence in the banking system. Although the bail-in of CoCos during the rescue of Credit Suisse created a stigma that prompted the global CoCo market to collapse, the market has recovered in recent months, marked by a significant rebound in prices and, above all, in issuance activity.

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EMU peripheral sovereign debt: Resilience in the face of monetary policy and geopolitical risks

Looming ECB policy normalisation will likely lead to the rebalancing of relative prices for EMU peripheral sovereign debt. Nonetheless, improved economic fundamentals, the ECB’s commitment to preventing fresh episodes of financial fragmentation and favourable prospects for European integration should help reduce the risk of episodes of intense stress in the eurozone sovereign debt markets.

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