The transformation of the Spanish basic materials sector towards a low carbon economy

The transformation of the Spanish basic materials sector towards a low carbon economy

Fecha: junio 2019

José Pablo Chaves Ávila, Pedro Linares Llamas, Timo Gerres

Transición energética, Industria, Descarbonización

Papeles de Energía, N.º 7 (junio 2019)

Since the end of 2016, the Climate Friendly Materials Platform (CFMP) brings together policy makers, industry representatives, practitioners in industrial decarbonisation, and applied researchers for the development of a shared understanding of tangible policy options and eventually common policy action at the national and EU levels to the overall goal of successfully decarbonize the basic materials sector. As part of this network, the Institute for Research in Technology (IIT) of the Universidad Pontificia Comillas organized a round-table discussion in Madrid on the 21st of January 2019. Participants from industry, governmental and non-governmental organizations discussed the current state of the Spanish basic materials sector and the domestic and global challenges the Spanish industry is facing with regard to industrial decarbonisation in the 2050 horizon. Together they identified risks for the Spanish industry especially for the post-2030 period, and concluded that a long-term strategy is required to achieve an inclusive transformation of the national and European industry, and to ensure that decarbonisation does not lead to the deindustrialization of the European economy. This report serves as a background document for the national discussion, providing in-depth analysis of the Spanish basic material sector, analysing past and current national policies, and summarizing the results of the national round-table event.

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