The Spanish housing market: Current situation and short-term outlook

The Spanish housing market: Current situation and short-term outlook

Fecha: noviembre 2019

Raymond Torres, Carlos Ocaña P. de Tudela

Mercado mobiliario, Precios de la vivienda, Desaceleración, Sobrereacción

Spanish and International Economic & Financial Otlook, SEFO, V. 8 N.º 6

Several years into the post-crisis recovery, the Spanish housing market is showing signs of a slowdown. This has sparked debate among analysts as to whether Spain is set to experience the bursting of another housing bubble. An examination of a broad set of indicators to assess the state of the housing sector reveals that a property bubble has not formed in Spain. Moreover, the data suggest that any fallout from the prospective slowdown in the real estate sector on the broader economy will probably be moderate. While both real estate prices and transaction volumes are likely to ease in the coming years, especially in certain urban areas where prices have grown at particularly high rates, we do not expect a significant correction. This outlook is based on the fact that prices, household borrowing and housing affordability indicators are still at reasonable levels. Lastly, in a low-probability scenario where there is a market overcorrection, the end of the real estate cycle would still have a limited impact on the Spanish economy.

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