Public Sector and Professional Sport

Public Sector and Professional Sport

Fecha: abril 2019

José Manuel Sánchez-Santos, Pablo Castellanos-García

Economía del deporte, Deporte profesional, Sector público, Bienes públicos, Externalidades, Ayudas públicas

Sports (and) Economics

EN: This paper deals with some of the most relevant aspects of the relationship between the public sector and professional sport. First, we basically focus on the assessment of arguments providing the rationale for public subsidies to professional sport both in terms of efficiency and equity. In the second part of this study, we focus on the analysis of the degree to which residents in a given urban environment consume the public goods generated by the local club, and on how such consumption might in turn affect the well-being of both fans and other residents. In order to provide empirical evidence on these issues, we use, on the one hand, data from two surveys carried out specifically for the case of RCD de La Coruña, and, on the other hand, results from the Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas (i.e. Center for Sociological Research) barometer on the sporting habits of Spaniards.

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