Newsletter: Video-talk: Global economic recovery from the Covid crisis

Newsletter: Video-talk: Global economic recovery from the Covid crisis
Wednesday, 2 june 2021

Funcas Europe

Good morning Future is blue readers,

This week we are covering the prospects for a global recovery from the Covid crisis. We have reached out to Professor Karnit Flug, Vice President of Research and Willian Davidson Senior Fellow for Economic Policy at the Israel Democracy Institute, to discuss current trends.

Professor Flug is also a former governor of the Central Bank of Israel (2013-2018) and she has shared with us – through a video-talk featuring Raymond Torres, Funcas Europe Director, and hosted by Carlos Carnicero Urabayen – what are the main challenges that could risk a solid recovery from the current crisis. More details below.

See at the end what we are reading these days.  

The positive impact of vaccination campaigns and the risks and challenges ahead

The global economy is recovering faster than originally predicted. But new risks are emerging as well, such as rising inflation pressures in some major economies and lagging prospects in others, notably developing economies which do not have access to mass vaccination. These are some of the topics we have covered in our video-talk with Professor Flug, including the pre-crisis imbalances that the Covid crisis may have aggravated.

What we are reading

A new economic era: is inflation coming back for good?
Financial Times has started a series of articles about inflation, an economic indicator we analysed in our previous newsletter.

EU to force multinationals report their revenue in each country
This is an important development for the EU´s capacity to ensure multinationals pay their taxes in a fair manner.

GDP is no longer an accurate measure of growth. So what can take its place
Good read on alternative indicators to measure countries' growth.

International taxes moves from digital focus to global minimum
International corporate tax reform is coming closer if countries can set aside their differences and work for progress rather than the perfect deal, argues this Bruegel paper.

Have a nice rest of the week!

Raymond Torres, Funcas Europe Director


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