Key questions and uncertainties of the energy transition

Key questions and uncertainties of the energy transition

Fecha: enero 2020

Jorge Blázquez, Spencer Dale

Transición energética, Descarbonización, Energía

Papeles de Energía, N.º 8 (enero 2020)

The energy system is changing. There is a well-known transition towards a lower carbon system, led by the rapid deployment of solar and wind energy. But that is only one dimension. The pattern of energy demand is also in transition, driven by growing prosperity in the developing world. In this context, this article explores the following five key issues that could shape the energy transition in the next two decades: first, how much more energy does the world need?; second, what might happen if the trade wars escalate?; third, how important are plastics for the future of oil demand?; fourth, how quickly could renewable energy grow?; and fifth, what more needs to be done to ensure a rapid transition to a lower-carbon energy system? The key message from this article is that the world is facing a dual challenge: it needs more energy to support continued growth and prosperity in developing world, whilst reducing carbon emissions. This is the key challenge facing all of us.

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