Demand of Professional Sports: Attendance and Audience

Demand of Professional Sports: Attendance and Audience

Fecha: abril 2019

Jaume García, Eduardo Bandrés, Isabel Artero, Plácido Rodríguez

Economía del deporte, Deporte, Fútbol, Demanda, Incertidumbre, Resultados, Audiencia, Asistencia

Sports (and) Economics

EN: In this article a review of the most recent developments in analysis of demand for professional sports is carried out, with particular emphasis on the role played by uncertainty of outcome, suspense, and surprise. In turn, two empirical analyses on Spanish First Division football games attendance and television audience of matches played by the Spain national football team are presented. Findings show that, while uncertainty of outcome renders games more appealing for television viewers, its effect on stadium attendance is somewhat contradictory, suggesting a greater interest in attending games with more talented players in both teams, increased competitiveness, and higher probability of their (local) team winning.

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