The uncertain duration of high interest rates

The uncertain duration of high interest rates

Tuesday, 17 October 2023

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Today we are taking a deeper look at the impact of living in an era of higher interest rates.

Monetary policy remains immersed in an intense battle to stem inflation. We are seeing a quick succession of interest rate increases and, consequently, raising eurozone borrowing rates across the board. Credit has already contracted, and the cost of debt has increased, but the duration of the tightening cycle remains unclear as monetary authorities have signaled that their policy approach remains conditional upon the path of inflation.

In today's new podcast episode we feature Alice Faibishenko, Senior Advisor at Funcas, to analyse the implications of high interest rates for financial institutions, public bodies and other actors. This subject is covered in the latest SEFO report by Funcas. A link to the report is provided below.

See at the end what we are reading these days.

New podcast episode available!

In today's Future is Blue podcast episode, we cover the following questions about interest rates:

  • How the current environment compare by historical standards
  • Impact of high interest rates on government debt
  • Impact on banks. 
  • Complexities on forecasting a U-turn in monetary policy

The latest Spanish and International Economic and Financial Outlook report by Funcas includes the article "One year of rate increases: Impact assessment". Other topics covered in the report include fiscal adjustments in Europe, the allocation of Next Generation EU funds in Spain and stress testing of banks in an era of high interest rates.

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