“PERTEs”: Level of execution and role in mobilising Next Generation EU funds

"PERTEs": Level of execution and role in mobilising Next Generation EU funds

Fecha: mayo 2023

Ana Domínguez and Mariola Gomariz

EU funds

SEFO, Spanish and International Economic & Financial Outlook, V. 12 N.º 3 (May 2023)

The Strategic Projects for Economic Recovery and Transformation (PERTEs) were created to channel the Next Generation EU (NGEU) funds into areas identified as priorities for the modernisation and competitiveness of the national economy. The idea is to channel over 40 billion euros of public investment into a dozen strategic areas. That is around one-quarter of all the funds Spain stands to receive under the Recovery and Resilience Facility. Despite having been created to allocate funds into areas of strategic importance for Spain’s economic advancement, PERTE execution has stumbled upon certain difficulties. By year end 2022, only around 5.6 billion euros had been committed (tenders and grants adjudicated), which is less than half of the funds channelled using this instrument. The key challenges to have emerged since approval of the first PERTE in July 2021 can be classified into three major categories: (i) challenges associated with requirements specific to the grant calls; (ii) challenges linked to the regulatory environment; and, (iii) challenges derived from economic and market conditions. Going forward, in addition to ex-ante assessments performed prior to the publication of calls for PERTE grants, it will be important to monitor and evaluate the initiatives after adjudication to ensure European funds are channelled effectively and maximize their reach.

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