EuroInsights: economic lessons in 2023

EuroInsights: economic lessons in 2023

Friday, 22 December 2023

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Today we are taking a moment to step back and reflect on the lessons learned for Europe's economy in 2023, a year characterized by slow economic growth, declining inflation, tight monetary policy and, overall, a broad understanding of Europe's need to adapt to a new geopolitical landscape dominated by the power rivalry between the US and China.

In our new podcast episode, we've asked Sander Tordoir, Senior Economist at the Centre for European Reform, and Raymond Torres, Funcas Europe Director,  to reflect on key learnings of 2023 and anticipate some of the main policy discussions for the new year.

Below you can find more information on our latest show hosted by Carlos Carnicero Urabayen.

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New podcast episode available!

In today's Future is Blue podcast episode, a joint series by Funcas Europe and the Centre for European Reform, we cover the following topics:

  • Key learnings for Europe's economy in 2023
  • Key economic developments to expect in Europe in 2024

Collaboration between Funcas Europe and the Centre for European Reform

In order to grow our audience and bring to you some world class analysis and insights on European economic affairs, we have agreed with the Centre for European Reform to regularly collaborate on the Future is Blue podcast. Every two months, an analyst from CER joins our podcast to discuss the most pressing economic issues on the agenda.

The Centre for European Reform is an award-winning, independent think-tank that seeks to achieve an open, outward-looking, influential and prosperous European Union, with close ties to its neighbors and allies. You can read more about the CER and their latest publications in their website. 

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