The Triple Aim for the future of health care

The Triple Aim for the future of health care

Fecha: enero 2015
Núria Mas, Wendy Wisbaum


  • List of Contributors
  • Introduction and overview
  • The “Triple Aim” for the future of healthcare
  • Implementing The Triple Aim: A senior leadership perspective
  • Better care and health: Incorporating opportunity cost into decision making
  • Should we screen for type 2 diabetes?
  • Integrating care for older people with complex medical problems
  • Health system genetics and tentative appraisal of their effectiveness
  • Payment systems to improve quality, efficiency, and care coordination for chronically iII patients — A framework and country examples
  • The role of co-payments in public universal healthcare systems
  • Supporting patient activation to achieve The Triple Aim
  • Patient involvement: Patient participation in decision making
  • The economics of interprofessional education: Costs and benefits
  • An Exploratory Analysis of Wages and Job Stability for Long-Term Care Work in Europe

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