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The present legal notice and information (hereinafter referred to as the ‘legal notice’) governs the use of the internet services of the Fundación de los Bancos y Cajas de CECA (hereinafter referred to as 'FUNCAS').

The mere use of a website attribute the conditions of website user (hereinafter referred to as “user”) and implies full and unreserved acceptance of each and every one of the legal provisions included in the version of this legal notice published by FUNCAS on its website.

As such, the user is hereby advised to carefully read this legal notice each time that the website is accessed, since it is subject to change.

Furthermore, the use of this website is also subject to all notices, rules of use and instructions provided to the user by FUNCAS which may replace, supplement and/or modify the present legal notice.


FUNCAS undertakes the duty or commitment to verify and safeguard the content and information contained on this website. Notwithstanding, under no circumstances shall FUNCAS accept any liability derived from the incorrect, inappropriate or illegal use of the information contained in the pages of this site. FUNCAS accepts no responsibility for the content published on the links contained on its website.

2.1. User registration

FUNCAS requires users to complete the corresponding user registration form before granting access to some of its services.

2.2. Veracity of information

All information provided by the user through the site's services must be accurate and true. The user therefore guarantees the authenticity of all data provided when completing the forms required for subscription purposes. Equally, the user shall be responsible for maintaining all information provided to FUNCAS.

In all cases, the user shall be held solely responsible for any false or inaccurate statements made and for any damage or harm caused to FUNCAS or to third parties as a result of the information provided.

The user undertakes to use the site and the services in accordance with the law, the present legal notice, the particular conditions of certain services and any other notices, rules of use or instructions provided, as well in accordance with morality, generally accepted good customs and public order.

To this end, the user shall abstain from using any service for purposes that are illegal, prohibited in the present legal notice, harmful to the rights and interests of third parties, or that may in any way cause damage, render useless, overload, impair or prevent the normal use of the services, computer equipment, documents, files and any type of content (i.e. hacking) stored on any computer equipment of FUNCAS or any other internet user (hardware and software).

In particular, users undertake to refrain from actions including, but not limited to, the broadcasting, dissemination and disclosure to third parties of information, data, content, messages, graphics, drawings, sound files and/or images, photographs, recordings, software and generally any class of material that:

  • (a) in any way breaches, undermines or infringes the fundamental rights and public freedoms constitutionally recognised in international treaties and other legislation;
  • (b) is false, ambiguous, inaccurate, exaggerated, or extemporaneous and thus leads to or may lead to an error regarding its subject or the intention or purpose of the informant.
  • (c) is protected by the intellectual or industrial property rights of third parts, where the user has failed to obtain the prior consent of the rights owner for its intended use;
  • (d) violates third party trade secrets;
  • (e) in any way impairs the credit of FUNCAS or third parties;
  • (f) infringes regulations on the secrecy of correspondence;

2.3. Obligation to make correct use of content

The user undertakes to refrain from:

Deleting, manipulating or in any way altering the copyright and other identification details of the FUNCAS reservation of rights, its website, its digital fingerprints or any other technical media used for recognition purposes.

The user must abstain from obtaining and even attempting to obtain content by using resources or procedures other than those provided for this purpose, where applicable, or those indicated for this purposes on the webpages containing the content or, generally, those usually used on the Internet for such purposes, provided that they pose no risk of harm or rendering useless the site, the services and/or the content.

2.4. Use of the services offered in compliance with the FUNCAS anti-spamming policy

The user undertakes to refrain from:

  • (a) gathering data for the purposes of advertising or issuing advertisements of any type, correspondence for sales purposes or any other commercial materials which are unsolicited or issued without prior consent;
  • (b) sending any other messages to multiple recipients without prior consent or if unsolicited;
  • (c) sending e-mail chain letters without prior consent or if unsolicited;
  • (d) using distribution lists accessed through the services offered in order to carry out the activities described in sections (a) to (c) above;
  • (e) disclosing data collected from such distribution lists to third parties for any purpose whatsoever.


3.1. Liability for use of the website

The user shall be held solely liable for infractions committed or any harm or damage caused by the use of the website, whereas the website owner, its partners, group companies, collaborators, employees and representatives shall be held harmless from any liability that may be derived from the user’s actions.

The website owner shall make all reasonable endeavours to provide up-to-date and accurate information on the website. Notwithstanding, the website owner makes no guarantee as to the absence of errors or possible inaccuracies and/or omissions in any of the content accessed via this website.

The user shall be held solely liable for any legal, judicial or extrajudicial claim or action initiated by third parties against the website owner based on the use made of the website by the user. In such cases the user shall bear any and all costs, expenses and damages that may be claimed from the website owner as a result of such legal clams or actions.

3.2. Liability for the operation of the website

The website owner accepts no liability arising from interference, omission, interruptions, computer viruses, telephone faults or disconnections in the operation of the electronic system due to causes beyond the control of the website owner.

Furthermore, the website owner accepts no liability whatsoever arising from delays or blockages in the operation of this electronic system caused by deficiencies or overloads on the telephone lines or the internet, or for any harm or damage caused by third parties due to unlawful intrusion beyond the control of the website owner.

The website owner reserves the right to temporarily suspend access to the site without prior notice for the purpose of conducting maintenance, repairs, updates or improvements.

3.3. Liability for links

The links or hyperlinks contained on this website may take the user to other third-party managed websites.

The website owner accepts no liability for the information found outside this website, since the purpose of any links that appear therein is merely to inform the user of the existence of other sources of information on a specific topic.

The owner of the website accepts no liability for the correct operation of such links, the results obtained vis such links, the accuracy and legality of the content or information accessed via such links, or for any harm or damaged suffered by the user as a result of the information found on linked websites.


The terms and conditions stipulated herein may be amended, in full or in part, by publishing any such changes in the same manner as these terms and conditions. The term of validity of these terms and conditions will therefore coincide with the term for which they are published before they are amended in part or in full, at which point the newly amended version of the terms and conditions shall become valid.


All disputes or claims arising from the interpretation or execution of this Legal Notice shall governed by Spanish legislation and shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid.


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