Covid 19

Covid 19 – Economic and social impact

The expansion of the coronavirus (Covid-19) and the state of alarm decreed throughout the country are going to have – they are already having – serious effects on the economy and society.

Funcas, in its work of dissemination and economic and social dissemination, creates this information space in which it will publish all the documentation it produces related to this extraordinary situation.

Articles, videoblogs, posts, publications in the press will be at your disposal with the aim of helping to follow the scope and impact of the pandemic, not only in Spain but in the rest of the world, and to participate in the debate on the necessary measures. to alleviate its consequences.



El impacto de la COVID-19 en los objetivos y las políticas de descarbonización: un análisis preliminar sobre España

La pandemia de la COVID-19 y la consecuente crisis económica han tenido un impacto muy significativo en los planes de descarbonización de las mayores economías mundiales, que se compone de la suma de factores negativos (por ejemplo, la bajada de los precios de los combustibles fósiles) y positivos (orientación “verde” de los paquetes de estímulo económico y de los planes de recuperación).


Presentación del libro “Economía y cultura. Una mirada hacia el futuro”

Fecha: 15 de diciembre 2021


Spain’s recent performance implementing the recovery funds and outlook for 2022

Spain is set to received 140 billion euros as part of the Next Generation EU funds to facilitate the country’s recovery from the COVID-19 crisis, with a focus on the green and digital transitions. So far, progress on executing plans to use these funds has been uneven, with investments and reforms expected to ramp up in 2022.


Lagging productivity and the need for structural reforms in Spain

Spanish productivity has lagged both the US and eurozone for the past two decades due to lower investment in key areas, such as technological and human capital, among
others. Although the European recovery funds should facilitate investment in areas like digitalisation, structural reforms will also be necessary to boost Spain’s productivity growth.


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