EFQ Awards Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

This list has been prepared based on the questions that are received most frequently. Please read them carefully since the questions that are answered in this list or that are specified in the rules will not be addressed. Questions will be answered only by email, never by phone.

Technical problems

What happens if my thesis is larger than 60Mb?

You must present the first 20 pages of the thesis and send the complete version of this thesis via e-mail to the prizeshesis@funcas.es email address. Documents sent by post on any medium (paper, CD, USB stick or similar) will not be accepted.

What happens if I upload a document in the documentation form in a format other than pdf?

It will not be read and, therefore, the application will not be accepted. Files with the renamed pdf extension will not be accepted.

Why can't I upload the files?

This problem is usually due to the use of a browser with some incompatibility such as Firefox. For the correct operation of the form, you must use the Google Chrome or Internet Explorer browsers. If the difficulty persists, you should explain the problem to priaesthesia@funcas.es and attach a printout of the screen where the error appears.

What happens, once the thesis is registered, I want to change the documentation or some data?

Once registered in the registration form, the data cannot be modified. Therefore, it is advisable to check the information provided before sending the form.

Can I present the thesis in several files?

No, the thesis has to be delivered in a single pdf file.

Format of the documentation to present

Can I present the thesis in a language other than Spanish or English?


If my thesis was presented in a language other than Spanish or English, can I present it in translation?


After reading the thesis I have made some changes or corrected errors, do I submit the original or the modified one?

The original thesis, although it can attach a faith of errata.

Should I present my thesis with all the supplementary material I have?

No, you will only be asked if you win

Does the resume have to be of a specific size or format?


Does the abstract have to be of a specific size or format?

Size: it must not exceed 6.000 words.

Format: Not needed.

Can I present a copy of the Theseus or my university repository or an email communicating the reading date or proof of payment of fees as proof of qualification and reading date?

No, only the certificates, acts or titles issued by the University that are official and where the requested data appear (date of reading and the grade obtained) will be considered valid.

Can I provide a copy of my doctor's degree as proof of qualification and date of reading?

Yes, as long as the two required data appear (reading date and Cum Laude mention).

In my certificate it does not put the exact day of the reading, it only puts the month, is it valid?

Yes, as long as the month is within the reading period specified in the bases.

Should I fill out the form in upper or lower case?

The form will be completed using the spelling rules for the proper use of upper and lower case.

VERY IMPORTANT: The application will be invalidated if the documentation provided as proof does not contain the reading date or the grade obtained or it is not an official certificate issued by the university.

Additional information about the thesis and the research trajectory

If I have published articles or chapters collected in other bases than JCR or SCOPUS, can I add them to the list?

No. In that case, and if you wish, you can add it in the CV, but NOT in the specific section of the registration form.

I have articles or chapters pending evaluation in JCR or SCOPUS, can I add them to the form?

No. You can only report those already published.

Other questions

Who has access to the documentation submitted?

The members of the respective juries and the technical staff of Funcas will have access to the documentation submitted to the Enrique Fuentes Quintana Award. Once the prize has been awarded, the files containing all the material submitted to the call will be permanently destroyed.

I have doubts about which is the category of the Enrique Fuentes Quintana Awards to which I must apply

The category in which to present the thesis is the exclusive competence of the candidate for the award. Funcas staff may not advise the candidate under any circumstances.

Can I apply if I have read my thesis at a Spanish university and I do not have the Cum Laude mention?


Can I apply if I am not Spanish and have obtained a doctorate at a university outside of Spain?



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