Funcas Social and Economic Studies

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The voice of society in the face of the crisis / Víctor Pérez-Díaz
junio - 2017


I. The voice of the audience in public space in uncertain times, and some methodological observations II. Messages: embedded in a moving world with a course; and this world and this course are European III. Messages of support for substantive public policies from the European politeias: relative moderation in the management of economic and social problems IV. Messages : the Spanish political community as the main frame of reference in the political life of the Spanish V. Messages about the forms of politics: the civil forms of citizens and the bellicose forms of politicians VI. Culture: ambiguity in political disaffection, the ambiva lence of society toward the political class VII. Culture and reflexivity: limited cultural resources in knowledge and narratives VIII. Culture: self-esteem or ambiva lence toward oneself, and the potential and limits of civic commitment IX. Conclusion: an open and dramatic process Appendices Bibliographical references