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Papeles de Economía Española is a quarterly journal published since 1979. It is currently the most widely circulated economic publication containing research content in Spain.

Papeles de Economía Española rigorously analyses current and relevant economic issues and contains theoretical approaches, but essentially, it provides empirical evaluations of economic propositions with a special focus on the implications of such analyses for Spanish economic policy. The theoretical rigor applied in this journal presents no obstacle to a wide range of readers, particularly the professional economists and social actors who participate in political debate.

The Editorial Board is comprised of university professors, specialists in the different areas of knowledge dealt with in the journal.

Each edition of Papeles de Economía Española focuses on a different monograph topic. Therefore, in the majority of cases, the articles are the result of a request from the Editorial Board. More specifically, the process of creating a new edition begins with the appointment of an expert researcher, generally from outside the Editorial Board, to design a summary of the monograph together with the editor. The objective of this summary, on one hand, is to provide a full and comprehensive overview of the most relevant issues associated with the topic analyzed and, on the other hand, to seek the best qualified researchers to study each area. Although the journal is published exclusively in Spanish, the board also seeks the collaboration of international experts, whose contributions are translated into Spanish for publication.

All submitted work is evaluated by members of the Editorial Board and the external expert in charge of coordinating the monograph, assisted by external evaluators. This therefore ensures that each piece of research is evaluated by at least three experts on the topic in question.

The articles published in this journal are included in both the Latindex database and the EconLit database of the American Economic Association, which publishes the Journal of Economic Literature. Likewise, Papeles de Economía Española is indexed in the IN-RECS ranking of the Spanish scientific journals.

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