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This section contains the forecasts and indicators published by FUNCAS, which include the following:

Spanish economy forecast panel. This is a survey carried out every two months among a panel of 19 national institutions of recognised standing, including the research service departments of banks, savings banks, universities and independent economic analysis institutes, with regard to short-term forecasts for the Spanish economy. The result of the survey is an average or agreed forecast.

FUNCAS forecasts. These include the average annual forecasts prepared by FUNCAS for the current year and the following year based on 35 variables and macro-economic aggregates of the Spanish economy, together with the corresponding explanatory note.

Consumer price index forecasts. Including a note evaluating the CPI figures for the last month and the monthly forecasts for the rest of the current and the following year.

Economic forecasts for autonomous communities. Containing a table for each of the seventeen autonomous communities showing the evolution, over the last five years, of a set of nineteen fundamental variables associated with the economy of the autonomous community and the Spanish average, as well as forecasts on the same variables for the current year. Also including ten maps containing data associated with the current year's forecast. These forecasts are updated three times a year. The first update takes place in the month of December and refers to the following year. Subsequent reviews and updates then follow in April and September.

50 Financial system indicators. These indicators are issued on a fortnightly basis to provide an overview of the financial system. They are a set of indicators that show variations over time (generally in the short term) in relation to monetary magnitudes and interest rates; financial markets; savings and debt; as well as specific aspects of financial institutions such as their business, market structure, efficiency, productivity, risk and profitability.

The 100 principal short-term indicators of the Spanish economy, including tabular information relating to the last two years, the last four quarters and the last two months. Graphs are provided for the most representative indicators, showing the quarterly evolution over the last five years.

Basic global economy indicators. Including basic data on the outlook and short-term forecasts for the USA, Japan, EU, EMU and the five leading EU countries, as well as data on stock exchanges, currency markets and the prices of raw materials.

Regional indicators. A collection of the main economic indicators for the seventeen autonomous communities which are updated every two weeks and which, when taken in their entirety, enable the monitoring of the evolution of the economic situation at the regional level. The collection includes annual average data for the last two years and the current year, as well average data for the last four quarters and the last two months.